Department of MBA

MBA course is aimed at grooming the students into competent and effective managers by sharpening their analytical skills, value judgment, and decision-making skills. Students undergo additional training programmes in the latest information technology in the advanced computer lab. Students undertake practical project training with leading multinational companies in various fields that provides a good opportunity is laid on developing entrepreneurial skills. Inviting Guest lectures from corporate in various streams. Successful and young entrepreneurs are invited for a guest lecture to motivate the students.


  • To emerge as an institution of excellence by providing high quality education in Engineering, Technology and Management to contribute for the economic as well as societal growth of our nation.
  • Knowledge imparted in MBA program extends out in developing managerial skills, business expertise, building competitive advantage, enhancing career advancement for professional growth.


  • By providing in-depth applicative knowledge to enable the students to do the projects that meet the requirements of the society.
  • To undertake Research and Development, and extension activities in the fields of Engineering in areas of relevance for immediate application as well as for strengthening or establishing fundamental knowledge.

Department Profile

The budding department of management studies in YITS prepares students for the prestigious Master’s Degree in Business Administration. The management studies department in the college aims in harnessing and sharpening the managerial skills and analytical talents of students for a successful managerial career through modern pedagogical methods and participatory opportunities. Spread over 2 years (4 semesters), the students are exposed to the basics of management in all functional areas. Enriched with the foundational basics and practical exposure, the students enter the second year of the program, wherein they can select their specialization to enhance their career options and trans-specialization perspectives. The curriculum is supplemented with guest interventions and updates through industrial interventions.

MBA at YITSThe Department guides the students to facilitate their entry for projects in organizations and in their final placements. Group Discussions, Case Analysis, Seminars Sessions, Management Quiz, Role Plays, Debates, Extempore, Brand Launches, and Issue Discussions etc., provide an excellent opportunity where the emerging mangers can propel out their ideas. Activities blended with time and stress management exercises stimulate the right environment and kindles prompt actions. To have a blend of theory and practice, meetings with practising managers in relevant areas are arranged by way of guest lectures. On regular basis the budding mangers are encouraged to visit industries to have the necessary and needed exposure to the business environment.

MBA Department Staff