Department of M.Tech

The Master of Technology programmes are two-year course-based programmes. Students take about 12 courses from within and outside the department, according to the programme requirements. The courses offered are of high standard, many include advanced topics and topics based on recent research.

VLSI and Electrical Power System Courses


The above two PG branches are offered by ECE and EEE Departments in YITS with a view to upgrade students by pursuing in the field of VLSI & Electrical Power Systems. This PG Programs are equipped with state of the art VLSI and Electrical power system labs that consists of top-notch hardware and software facilities and enable students to carry out projects in VLSI design as well as Electrical power systems.

The M.Tech project forms a major part of the course. Students work on their project with the guidance of a faculty advisor for over a year.



Very Large Scale Integrated (VLSI) Circuit Design is the process of designing a large computer chip, using computer-aided design (CAD) tools on a workstation or a personal computer (PC). The course demands learning the principles of VLSI design, designing and fabricating the state of-the-art VLSI chips, understanding the complete design flow and expertise to design CMOS chips for industrial requirements. College provides well balanced curriculum catering to the needs of industry as well as the research community.

The curriculum focuses on employing hierarchical design methods and understanding the design issues at the various levels of hierarchy.

Students are exposed to various design softwares in this programme. Also, they learn to design, simulate, implement and test complex digital systems using FPGAs (Field Programmable Gate Arrays). Students are also trained in several topics that cut across different domain, starting from lowermost level of physical devices to the top level of application development.

Laboratories are well equipped. Good exposure is given to all the students to update their practical knowledge. Well qualified technicians are training the students in the practical sessions


Electrical Power System

The course encompasses in depth study on various power system aspects including power generation, transmission, distribution, computer based power system analysis, operation & control of power system, power system dynamics, digital protection along with the recent advances such as FACTS, power quality and restructuring. The course also includes stream and departmental electives in thrust area of power system studies along with breadth topics offered as interdisciplinary electives.

Special attention has been taken in developing the various laboratories/workshop in the department ensuring compliance to the university syllabus and timely updating them in accordance with the syllabus revision. The lab facilities are also being modernized and extended to support the student projects and research initiatives for practical realization of their theoretical concepts.


M.Tech Staff