Department of Electrical & Electronics Engineering

Electrical and Electronics Engineering is one of the core branches in YITS . It is an exciting and dynamic field. The Department has excellent laboratory facilities such a Electrical Machines, Process Control Lab and other labs to help the students apply the fundamentals of the Electrical Engineering Principles in an efficient manner. The faculty has rich teaching expertise in various specializations like Control Systems, Electrical Machines. On-encouraged to engage in research activities and other challenging works that lead to innovative applications of existing and emerging technology for the benefit of mankind.


  • To evolve into and sustain as a Centre of Excellence in Electronics and Technological Education with a  holistic approach.
  • To Empower the EEE students to be technically innovative, self motivated, adaptable and mainly proficient and thereby contribute towards the development of technology for mankind.


  • To produce high quality engineering graduates with the requisite theoretical and practical knowledge and social awareness to be able to contribute effectively to the progress of society through their chosen field of endeavour.
  • To offer ample opportunities to promote their innovative ideas in terms of workshops, paper and poster presentations, design and coding contests.
  • To Prepare future technocrats for a global workplace through excellence in teaching and research. The department endeavours to prepare students professionally skillful, intellectually proficient and socially responsible.


Department Profile

The Department of Electrical & Electronics Engineering In YITS is built with top-notch infrastructure and excellent curriculum that prepares the  young and dynamic folks to face the emerging challenges both in the field of Electronics and Electrics. The Electrical and Electronics department in YITS is bagged with full fledged and equipped labs to train the students to meet the Industrial requirements depending on the revised syllabus.

The EEE department is equipped with the modern facilities which help the students to carry out their project work and enrich their knowledge and skills to meet the present vast enhancing technological scenario. Other than the Academic curriculum, the department also engages with Regular Industrial Visits and In-plant training for students to gain industrial exposure.


EEE Department Staff

Department Labs



In This Electrical machines Laboratory I, experiments related to fundamentals of electrical engineering and electrical machines are performed to have the basic knowledge of wiring the different circuits.This laboratory in the college is equipped with various electrical machines such as DC motors DC generators and the lab help the students to acquire the basic knowledge that is required for an Electrical Engineer.

On the other hand, Electrical machines laboratory II  supports teaching, research and consultancy work on electrical machines and drives.These machines are used in our day to day life and these practicals help students to understand which machine is suitable for a particular application.



Equipped with experiment kits that support all the stages of a control system design, Control Systems Lab focuses on technical implementation of classical control theory concepts in the frequency domain and modern control theory in the state-space and let the students to design projects related to various controllers like Proportional, Proportional Integral and Proportional Integral Derivative.



Power electronics lab main motto is to let the students have the great careers in the power industry. This lab makes the students to be aware of the basic technologies in power electronics and let them learn measurement and analysis of important operating characteristics of power electronic circuits, power semiconductor devices and electrical D.C. and A.C. drives for different loads.



Power converters lab helps the students to gain knowledge in the areas of power converters and is useful in designing of various types of power converters and their characteristics and their real time application.



This is a well equipped laboratory with all measuring instruments and equipment that includes energy meters, power factor meters, ammeters, voltmeters, watt-meters, and electrical transducers like strain gauge, capacitive pickup, LVDT etc that are needed to familiarize the students with the use of measurement techniques.



It provides the students with required simulations facilities in order to meet their requirements of Electrical engineering profession. The main motto is the lab is to do the project work on designing Electrical and Electronics circuits using latest application packages such as MATLAB, PSPICE and other engineering packages which are heavily used by the undergraduate students.



Power systems laboratory is mainly to conduct experimentation and research in the area of Electrical Power Systems. Students can get concrete ideas on various equipments in practical power system network.