Department of Computer Science & Engineering

Department of Computer Science of Engineering  (CSE ), at YITS has been in pursuit of excellence. The faculty’s expertise in a wide range  of research and instruction in traditional and emerging areas of computer science and engineering has been the pillar of strength. The CSE Department provides state-of-art research, instructional and laboratory facilities. A fully air-conditioned computer center includes over 1000 computer systems with LAN network ,an internet gateway and a server Room with UPS  support .The laboratories are equipped with various software like C, C++, Oracle, Visual Studio, Java and .net Tools. In addition, the students are also trained in advanced labs VLSI Design Centre, Embedded systems Lab and the Networking Lab. Realizing the importance of rapid advancement, the labs are update and upgraded form time to time.


  • To produce eminent and ethical Engineers and Managers for society by imparting quality professional education with emphasis on human values and holistic excellence.
  • The Department of Computer Science and Engineering educates knowledge of computer and it’s engineering. Almost all fields are computerized to have an ease of handling the problems of designing, manufacturing, maintenance, servicing, researching, marketing and accounting.


  • To make the students have a good command on software and hardware development so that they can succeed in industry or pursue higher studies or become an entrepreneur.
  • To prepare Computer Science & Engineering students with competence in basic science and engineering.
  • To ensure all round development of students and to incorporate benchmarked teaching and learning pedagogies in curriculum.

Department Profile

CSE Department in YITS has well qualified and experienced faculty. With excellent computing facilities available, YITS is committed to adopt the state of the art in Computer Science and Engineering and more instrumental in training the students in the recent emerging areas like Big Data, Cloud Computing, Digital Marketing and Mobile Applications Development with the objective of providing better career opportunities and make them industry ready professionals.

On the other hand, Department of Computer Science in YITS has a wide range of computing resources and laboratories available to support its educational and research missions. The CSE Department Labs are facilitated with the state-of-art equipment like IBM Blade Server and Microsoft Campus agreement volume license & latest application software including IBM Rational Suite, SPSS, IBM Clementine, Informatics, Visual Basic, Visual Studio, Oracle and also the designing softwares like Adobe Photoshop.

The college also have a good record of organizing seminars, workshops and conferences in emerging technological areas.


CSE Department Staff

Department Labs


Application Development Lab

In this lab , you will learn the basics of how to design mobile interfaces, how to use the libraries to build applications that have the proper look and feel, how to use table views, how to design and handle user interaction.


Basic Programming Lab

Basic programming lab deals with the C language. Most of the operating systems and game software being written in C, Mastering C at fresher men level makes a good beginning and essence as a software developer.


Big Data Analytics Lab

This Big Data Analytics Lab focuses on the basics of Hive, HDFS, Hadoop, Map reduce, Pig Latin (the coding language),the basics of Analytics – Concepts , Data preparation – merging, managing missing numbers sampling , Data Visualization, Basic statistics using R Programming. It emphasizes on practice to ensure that the students are very comfortable handling an Analytics project on Big Data.


Data Science Lab

Big Data makes for big and interesting problems. YITS data science lab focuses on analyzing large-scale text streams such as news, blogs, and social media to identify cultural trends around the world’s people, places, and things.


Networks Lab

Equipped with latest networking related devices, the networks lab in YITS facilitates students to perform Computer Network practical. All important Network Simulators like Net SIM, OMNET and NS3 are installed to provide a solution to the practical problems faced by computer scientists.