Department of Civil Engineering

Civil engineering Department at YITS offers a B.Tech programme in Civil Engineering. The core strength of the faculty includes structural engineering. Geotechnical Engineering Public Health Engineering, Industrial Mangement and engineering geology. YITS aims to establish an exclusive computing facility for the Department of Civil Engineering with the latest software in Design, Planning and Management.


  • To impart quality education and strive for centre of excellence in research.
  • To Empower the Civil Engineering students to be technically proficient, innovative, adaptable, and thereby contribute towards the development of technology for mankind.


By providing in-depth applicative knowledge to enable the students to do the projects that meet the requirements of the society.

To undertake Research and Development, and extension activities in the fields of Engineering in areas of relevance for immediate application as well as for strengthening or establishing fundamental knowledge.


Department Profile

Civil engineering in YITS is a professional engineering discipline that deals with the design, construction and maintenance of the physical and naturally built infrastructure for fulfillment of Basic Needs of human race including energy production, communication, transportation, religious, sports and community and social and developmental activities like dams, canals, bridges, roads, and buildings. The Civil Department is also involved in government initiated projects in which students are actively involved as a part of field learning process.

Well qualified and experienced faculty is one of the salient features of the civil department in YITS and acute care is taken to ensure that students acquire essential engineering concepts with in-depth understanding In addition, the civil department is well equipped with required departmental laboratories with tools and equipments.


Civil Engineering Staff

Department Labs



The Geology lab is used for experiments related to crystallography and mineralogy. State-of-the-art facilities are also available for experiments on structural geology.



Strength of a material lab in YITS let the students to learn about behavior of solid objects subject to stresses and strains. Basic Fundamentals of All the basic practices of strength of materials are performed in this laboratory.



It lets the students to have the knowledge of fluid mechanics that plays an important role in design and execution of many civil engineering projects like irrigation channels, sewage system, water supply, power generation etc. Fluid mechanics laboratory is actively engaged in research in a wide range of topics.



The Environmental Engineering Laboratory has all the state of the art facilities for conducting various tests for determining the quality of potable and wastewater. The civil engineering students of YITS are encouraged to take up topics in the field of Environmental Engineering for their project work by making use of facilities available in the laboratory. Analysis and testing of water and waste-water samples are being regularly done for various public and private agencies. In this lab, consultancy works in the field of water pollution, air pollution and land pollution are also being undertaken.



GeoTechnical engineering lab in YITS is well established as well as fully equipped to conduct soil test and to determine soil properties and to classify soil. The different equipment in this lab are Direct shear test apparatus, Permeability apparatus,Vane shear test apparatus, Compaction apparatus,Hydrometer test,Augers, Soil Sample extruder, Triaxial shear test apparatus, CBR test apparatus, apparatus to determine various indices of soil , UCC test apparatus, Cone penetrometer , and Shrinkage limit apparatus. This laboratory is actively engaged in offering its consultancy services.



The Concrete laboratory is equipped with facilities for testing and design of concrete and bituminous mixes. In this lab, students will gain knowledge of testing the ingredients of concrete and bituminous mixes and also evaluating critical parameters that decide in their selection. This lab is also actively engaged in various consultancy works related to material testing.



Transportation Engineering Lab consists all modern equipment for pavement materials testing and traffic engineering studies. This lab consists of an exclusive 24 hour computing facility for graduate students and research scholars. A number of application-software packages are available in the lab. The laboratories are equipped with state-of-the-art equipment. It deals with both Pavement Engineering and Traffic Engineering.